If you kept up with recent 3-D movies, you’ve no doubt by now seen Spider-man, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Superman Returns in all their eye-popping splendor. Seeing a 3-D movie in the theater is one thing, but what if you could watch things in 3-D at home on YouTube or TV? What if you could make your own 3-D movies?

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘That’s impossible.’ Well, not anymore.

Three-dimensional software for consumer camcorders as well as a 3-D-capturing webcam were revealed at the 2009 International CES consumer technology trade show on Jan. 8. The do-it-yourself capabilities of these technologies means that in the near future, 3-D film-making will no longer be exclusive to large-budget movie studios.

American tech firm TD Vision presented the prototype for a camcorder that stores digital 3-D information separately from the typical 2-D data. Users will be able to play back the footage on a basic 2D television or in 3-D on more sophisticated screens.

Manchester-based PDT unveiled a 3-D webcam, the Minoru, which is available now for just under $100. The webcam, which looks like a robot straight out of Wall-E, has two lenses set apart in proportion to the distance between human eyes. The camera’s software combines an image from each lens to create a 3D composite, which can be seen wearing the familiar red-and-blue-lensed glasses. Check out this demonstration:

Perhaps the greatest impact of these products’ consumer-level availability will be on YouTube. If YouTubers get their hands on this stuff and start busting out webisodes as fast as they do now, they’ll leave Hollywood – with its drawn out, high-budget productions – in the dust.

It will be interesting to see where this 3D wave will take us next. 3-D contact lenses instead of the same bulky glasses? 3-D television programs? All movies made in digital 3-D?

I’ve never had to wear glasses my whole life; please don’t say I’ll have to for TV and movies.

The FCC has already mandated a digital television takeover… could a pro-3-D movement be next?

What do you think? Are we entering a 2D apocalypse?