Remember when Alec Baldwin made an attempt at being a superhero in the 1994 comic adaptation The Shadow? Well, he’s back, The Shadow I mean, not Baldwin. There were rumors that Spiderman director Sam Raimi was bringing the pulp comic hero back to life for the new millennium, and it looks as if it’s true. Raimi will produce a new film version of The Shadow, alongside Michael Uslan. According to FirstShowing, both men have decided to change a few things about the traditional set up of the main character, instead of the Shadow, we may have the Shadow(s).

In a short interview with MTV, Michael Uslan gave his perspective on the Shadow character’s development for the film.

“I think the one thing going in, is we all see The Shadow as more of a force of nature than a specific person in a secret identity. The Shadow may actually be many people.”

OK, whatever that means. I honestly have to say, I’m as excited about The Shadow as I am The Phantom sequel. Uslan also stated that the script for the film is currently being written by Siavash Farahani, but no production, or release dates have been set. Even though I see this project as more than just “suspect,” Uslan does have some decent comic book film credits, which include, The Dark KnightBatman Begins, and Constantine. But then again he also produced Catwoman, and The Spirit.

Are you ready for The Shadow…again?