Screenwriter John August is a busy man! According to THR, August has just been hired to write the script for the feature length version of Tim Burton’s 1984 short, Frankenweenie and Sam Mendes’ Preacher.

Frankenweenie was originally produced and directed by Burton while in film school. August and Burton have collaborated on several other projects such as, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, and Big Fish.

More on Frankenweenie and Preacher after the jump.

“Frankenweenie” is based on a comedic horror short that Burton made in 1984 while a film school student. The story tells of a man who brings his dog back to life after it is killed by a car.

While the original “Frankenweenie” was a live-action project, the new one will be made using stop-motion animation and be in 3-D. Like the original, the feature version is to be shot in black & white. Burton is producing, and many of the animation artists and crew from the director’s “Corpse Bride” will be involved, with the studio aiming for a 2011 release.

I actually saw Frankenweenie, back in college during my Intro to Film class, and I remember being blown away by the fact that this was Burton’s “school project”, yet it starred Shelley Duvall, Daniel Stern, and a young Sophia Coppola. Must be nice to have connections.

As for the feature film Preacher, word on the street is that acclaimed director Sam Mendes is attached to helm the pic.  Preacher is based off of the popular Vertigo comic about a down and out man of the cloth, who teams up with an ex-girlfriend and a drunken, Irish vampire to find God. Sounds like a fun time!