Gasp! Cher has finally been cast in a role older than her actual age… well does anyone know her REAL age anymore?

The singer is slated to co-star as along with Jackass‘s Johnny Knoxville in writer/director Ricky Blitt‘s new comedy Drop-Out due out later this year.

“It’s like something that you wait for your whole life - and it just happened to come now when I’m the perfect age for it,” Cher said when she let the news slip on a November 2008 episode of “Ellen.”

Cher will play a 65-year-old widow (ahem, cougar) living next to a 35-year-old college student (Knoxville) who, for reasons yet to be revealed by film previews, is kicked out of his parents’ house. Miserable without the pampering of his parents, Knoxville’s character decides to befriend (and that may not be all he does) the lonely (and hot) woman next door so he can continue his lifestyle in couch-potato-heaven.

While staying there, Knoxville is also forced to deal with Cher’s delinquent son, another 30-year-plus slacker who is in search of a father figure (even if he happens to be the same age).

Knoxville starred in Blitt’s last comedy, 2005′s The Ringer, so expect some good comedic synergy on screen. Cher’s most recent movie role was a spoof of herself in 2003′s Stuck on You where she appears in bed with a high-school boyfriend played by Frankie Muniz (some cougar-practice for her upcoming character?)

Maybe the serious doubt surrounding a possible role of Catwoman in the new Batman movie caused a positive shift in perspective for the 62-year-old (we think) pop idol, but at any rate, it’s good to see her acting her age (after all those reconstructions, however, looking her age may be a lifelong impossibility).

Maybe Cher should be an inspirational speaker for seniors; she is certainly proving that success is not limited by age.

Photos available via MySpace.