This headline isn’t even remotely over dramatic. According to, a theater actor by the name of Kelly Kellerman, who is 81-years-old, was shot in the head during the final rehearsal for the play, Mice of Men. Kellerman was starring in the the Saratoga Senior Center’s production of the John Steinbeck novel, as “Lenny.” Kellerman was accidentally shot by a co-star when director Bill Bordy, while rushing through a scene in which Kellerman’s character is shot in the back of the head, forgot to remove the rounds and shot the actress at point blank range.

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Bill Bordy, Kellerman’s co-star and the show’s director, pulled the trigger and at first thought the gun’s loud bang was a special effect. “I’m the actor, I’m the director and we’re running and late, and without thinking I didn’t check the gun,” said Bordy, who was so upset over the incident he could hardly sleep.

It turns out the gun was brought in by a fellow cast member who forgot to remove the bullets. The incident happened at the Manatee Theater in Bradenton, and police are investigating what went wrong.

Somehow Kellerman was lucky enough to still be alive. “In a fortunate twist, Kellerman’s head was only grazed by the bullet, so while he was bleeding excessively, he was not fatally injured.” And talk about putting a positive spin on things. Kellerman, while in the hospital said of the experience, “Actually, it makes me feel kind of special. My fifteen minutes of fame…” Well if that’s the way you want to look at it, go you!

As if this whole event wasn’t disturbing enough, the shooting was caught on tape by a camera that was set up to record the show. So, somewhere there’s some footage of someones grandma getting shot in the head. I don’t want to see it, that’s just a bit much to take. Thank goodness she’s alright though.