Two of my favorite actors are teaming up again! I’m referring to those hilarious Brits Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. We recently broke the news that these two would be co-starring in the Steven Spielberg film Tintin as the Thompson twins, and now we’ve found out that, that won’t be the pair’s only new project together. According to Screen Rant, Pegg and Frost are currently co-writing a comedy entitled, Paul. The film is about two slackers, and an alien, who’s name is, well… Paul.

The premise of the film focuses on Pegg and Frost’s characters as they go on a road trip, while returning from Comic Con. While traveling across country they stumble upon the infamous Area 51 military base. This is the place where an alien spaceship supposedly crashed onto the earths surface back in the 1940′s, spawning all types of conspiracy theories regarding a government cover up. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Paul to pop up there! Here is a short description of what their going for in terms of Paul’s look.

He’s basically an alien who may be, let’s say, 70% CGI and the big challenge is that he needs to be a very funny, comedic method actor.  It’s not the kind of CGI character where we people to say ‘Oh wow, look what they did, that’s so cool’ it’s actually the kind of CGI character where we want people to just treat like another actor in the film, and he should be fully believable and multi-faceted and has to give a great performance, he just doesn’t exist. We’ve been doing a lot of test trying to figure out how to pull that one off.”

Paul will be directed by Greg Mottola, whose directing credits include Superbad, and the upcoming Adventureland. I love Superbad, so I trust this guy’s judgment with comedies. How great will it be to have Frost, Pegg, a CGI alien man, Mottola, and a Comic Con trip all in one film? Amazing!

Do you think this film has what it takes to be another campy comedy like it’s predecessor Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz?