If you’re planning on heading to a theater to catch Notorious, the new biopic about rapper Biggie Smalls, it might be wise to keep your guard up. Two unrelated acts of violence occurred Jan. 16 and Jan. 17 during events related to the film’s debut.

One man shot another man twice in the abdomen during an argument in a theater hallway at The Grand 18 Four Seasons Station cinemas in Greensboro, NC. 700 people who were in the cinema complex were evacuated, and the victim, 32-year-old Clive O’Connor, was rushed to the hospital for surgery. No further information about O’Connor’s condition has been released and police said that as of Saturday night, no arrests have been made.

Coincidentally, actor Jamal Woolard, who plays rapper Christopher “Biggie” Wallace in the film, was at the theater during the incident. According to Greensboro police, Woolard vacated the theater shortly after the episode.

Police released a statement that they do not know if there is a connection between the film and the shooting.

The following evening, four men were stabbed at Brooklyn’s Djumbala night club, which was advertising an “official” after-party for Notorious. One of the victims was stabbed numerous times and remains in critical condition. The other three men were stable.

The film’s distributor, Fox Searchlight, said that although the party claimed to be “official,” it was unrelated. Despite these scares, the film brought in a sizable $21.5 million at the box office in its opening weekend and reviews are mostly positive.

So go enjoy “Notorious,” but kick the needless violence to the curb!

Show some respect to Biggie Smalls! Leave the stabbing at home.