New year – new work! Hollywood is kicking off 09′ with a competitive awards season and some fresh faces for their franchises. Although some people are having trouble getting work in the Biz, these actors have already locked down a solid 2009 and will most likely jump into super-star status before the year is up.

Here are the top ten actors and actresses to watch out for in 2009…

10. Kristen Stewart

The vampire-loving fan-base of box office hit, Twilight, isn’t the only crowd taking a bite out of 18-year old Kristen Stewart. After getting her break in 2002 with co-star Jodi Foster in The Panic Room, Stewart took part in several projects, including Into The Wild, and Jumper. With the heightened media attention and acclaimed reviews regarding her true breakout role as Bella Swan in 2008′s Twilight, Stewart’s career will continue to escalate with five films in production in 2009.

2009 Films:

9. Anne Hathaway

Famous for performances in films like The Devil Wears Prada, Brokeback Mountain, and this year’s hit Rachel Getting Married (scoring her a Golden Globe nomination) – Anne Hathaway has had a hell of year. This weekend marks the opening of Hathaway’s romantic comedy Bride Wars, where she stars alongside of Kate Hudson, followed by performances in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland and The Fiance. Keep an eye out! Ms. Hathaway might score an Oscar nomination as well…

2009 Films:

  • Alice in Wonderland (Production in 2009, release set for 2010)
  • (Production in 2009, release set for 2010)

8. Olivia Thirlby

Best known for her role as Leah in the 2007 Oscar nominated film, Juno, 22-year old Olivia Thirlby starred in several independent projects throughout 2008, including The Wackness, and Uncertainty. Miss Thirlby will continue to grace the screen in 2009 with five upcoming films, including Margaret with Anna Paquin, Matt Damon, and Matthew Broderick, and Arlen Faber with Lauren Graham, and fellow up and coming female star, Kat Dennings.

2009 Films:

7. Rachel McAams

From Mean Girls, The NotebookWedding Crashers and The Family StoneRachel McAdams is a household name. While Ms. McAdams has seemed relatively absent from the big screen in 2008 (other than the unsuccessful film, Married Life) - she’s back in the game, ladies and gentlemen. Ms. McAdams will star in four films set to be released in 2009, including State of Play along side of Ben Affleck, Russel Crowe, Helen Mirren, and Jason Batemen.

2009 Films:

6. Michelle Williams

Starring in 2008′s independent projects, such as Wendy and Lucy, and Synecdoche New York (alongside of Phillip Seymour Hoffman), Michelle Williams has three new films lined up – including Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island (with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley), and Blue Valentine (with Ryan Gosling). Dawson’s Creek? What?

2009 Films:

5. Ryan Gosling

Speaking of Oscar nominated Ryan Gosling – he’s set to star in three films in 2009, including All Good Things (alsong side of Kirsten Dunst and Frank Langella) and The Dallas Buyers Club. Gosling, (a personal favorite), is due for another Oscar nomination – fingers crossed!

2009 Films:

4. Camilla Belle

10000 B.C. star, the lovely Camilla Belle, will soon be recognized for far more than simply dating one of The Jonas Brothers. Ms. Belle has four films set to be released in 2009 – including Push (with Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans) and Three Stories About Joan (along side of Owen Wilson and Bruce Willis).

2009 Films:

3. Ryan Reynolds

Most recently recognized for his role alongside Isla Fischer in Definitely, MaybeRyan Reynolds has a full plate ahead of him with four films in production. Adventureland (with Kristen Stewart), X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Proposal, and Paper Man are all set for release in 2009.

2009 Films:

2. Maggie Gyllenhaal

With plenty of media attention following box office hit, The Dark Knight, Maggie Gyllenhaal may be stealing the family spotlight for the time being. With three film’s in production, including Crazy Heart, Away We Go, and South Solitary - 2009 will be a big year for the actress.

2009 Films:

1. Seth Rogen

Current King of Comedy, Seth Rogen has three films set for release this year following summer hits Pineapple Express and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. An all star cast of comedians including Eric Bana, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill, and introducing Aubrey Plaza – stars in Funny People, another Judd Apatow film. Mr. Rogen will also star in Monster vs. Aliens, Observe and Report, and The Green Hornet.

2009 Films:

Some fresh faces, and some of your favorites returning for another round – these actors will be blowing up the billboards in no time – so stay tuned!

Think we were wrong? Missed someone obvious? Think you have better selections? Let us know by leaving a comment!