As you already know, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers have been duking it out behind closed doors over the distribution rights of the upcoming film, Watchmen. According to THR, Fox and Warner Brothers may be nearing a settlement that would eventually allow Fox to have a stake in the DC comic adaptation.  The two sides met this past weekend with U.S.  District Court Judge Gary Feess, and insiders say that the power struggle over the Watchmen is “close” to being over.

There have been some positive signs that the legal battle is winding down, including the fact that Warner Brothers hasn’t requested for the January 20 trial date to be moved up. Plus, a scheduled conference was supposed to take place yesterday between both sides, but it was cancelled. This past weekend during the premiere of Fox’s 24, TV spots for the Watchmen began to air on the network. During the commercials they are still advertising the March 6, 2009 release date, which Fox originally wanted to push back until after the trial. So things are looking like they are going in the right direction.

I’m still waiting for an official announcement, but until then I’ll keep you posted.