Recently it was announced that Sam Rockwell would be playing Justin Hammer, “a multibillionaire businessman and a rival of industrialist Anthony Stark” and Mickey Rourke may be playing “a tattooed Russian heavy named Ivan who becomes Whiplash, a man with deadly, technologically enhanced coils.” But wot we need a sexy villainous lady to even out the pack and give Pepper Potts (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) something to worry about, and Emily Blunt appears to be the lady to do so.

According to Variety:

Emily Blunt has emerged as the frontrunner to play the role of Natasha Romanoff in the “Iron Man” sequel. She’s a Soviet super spy who doubles as Black Widow, a beauty in a skintight black costume that is enhanced by high-tech weaponry.

Blunt would be joining the cast directly after she co-stars in the Joe Johnston-directed The Wolf Man across from Benicio Del Toro. She’s proved that she has some acting chops in The Devil Wears Prada, The Jane Austen Book Club and Charlie Wilson’s War, now it’s time for her to strut her stuff in a bad-ass, sexy, spy role.

Looks like someone has a big year ahead of them.

What do you think? Do you think she’s right for the role? If not, who do you think would be better?