When the official teaser trailer was released for JJ Abrams Star Trek, it was met with mixed reviews. As the friend of a self-proclaimed “Trekkie”, a lot of die fans were wondering why Kirk and Mr. Spock look so angry at each other? Why was Spock going bat crazy? That’s not who he is. Where is his cool, and calm demeanor? Over at, they have some interview snippets from Star Trek star Chris Pine (Capt. Kirk), and he tries to give fans some insight into the young Kirk/Spock relationship.

“For Kirk and Spock, it’s charting their lives to a small extent from boyhood and their first encounter, which is a bit contentious, to kind of the beginning of the relationship we all know,” Pine said.

“They are at odds at first. The conflict of the relationship actually gives Zachary a couple moments where he’s not as controlled and rational as Mr. Nimoy’s character was. He has a couple of outbursts that aren’t exactly the classic Spock.”

I don’t know. I just don’t know. I am definitely giving Abrams a chance on this, because I think he’s a very talented guy. Some of these outbursts may play into the fact that Spock is half-human, and this is a prequel of sorts. Abrams may want to take us down the bumpy road that had to be traveled in order for Kirk and Spock to get to their “happy” place.

What do you think? Do you like the Kirk and Spock dynamic that their going for in the film?