If you’re a part of the small 2% of the population that hasn’t seen The Dark Knight yet, this article may be considered a bit spoilerish. Last night MTV spoke to Harvey Dent’s portrayer, Aaron Eckhart at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards, and the actor opened the floodgates of speculation when asked about a possible Two-Face return, in the third Batman film.

“I think Harvey — if he’s not dead — is in a serious coma,” stated Eckhart, “and I’m not sure he’s coming out. They might pull the plug on him.” Seemingly firm words, right? Except even the notion that his alter-ego is still alive is a clear departure from previous statements where the actor was perfectly fine confirming Harvey’s death at the business end of a freefalling drop.

This is a major contradiction to his earlier statements after the films initial release.  Over at FirstShowing, they have a quote from Eckhart regarding the character’s future, and he said,”he is dead as a door nail.”

Check out the video below…

Hmmm, I wonder what changed? If he does make an appearance in the third film, would it just be a cameo, similar to that of Cillian Murphy (The Scare Crow) in TDK?

What do you think? Should we just let sleeping dogs lie?