The Super Bowl is almost here, and that means a sneak peek at select trailers, and previews from the biggest films of 2009.  According to JoBlo, some of the years most highly anticipated movies have been confirmed to air exclusive promos during the game.

Films confirmed for Super Bowl ad time include,  Star Trek, Angels and Demons, Monsters vs. Aliens, Land of the Lost, Fast and Furious, and Up. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and G.I. Joe will also make their debuts during the game, giving us our first peek at some live action footage!

Films that haven’t been confirmed, but are likely to show include X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Race to Witch Mountain.

Unfortunately, one studio that wont be a part of the festivities is Warner Bros. There will be no previews for Terminator: Salvation, or Watchmen. They are really beginning to depress me.

The Super Bowl is scheduled to air on February 1, on NBC.

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