sacha-baron-cohen_09-1-09Who is the best icon to make fun of if you want to get a reaction? Madonna. No, too easy, but we’ll take her along for the ride. Who is someone Americans really seem to take personally when you mock? That’s right. He’s picked Jesus to make fun of this time. Sascha Baron Cohen is known for his shock-tactics and his upcoming film based on his character Bruno will be no different. If you want to get a reaction, you got piss some people off, which is something Cohen seems to have no problem with.

Cohen has already been arrested for jumping onto a designer runway in Milan, been sued by countless people for the making of Borat, and now has Madonna (the singer) and Jesus fans after him. Watch the video of him on the runway below…

In the film Bruno and his lover Diesel adopt an orphaned African baby which they name David and parade around fashion shows. David just happens to be the same name that Madonna named her adopted child, which had so much scandal around it. Something tells me that their choice of the name “David” was not a coincidence.

Then, he goes after Jesus. Cohen’s film will have a “black model called Jesus” in his film who wears a loincloth and a crown of thorns.

“It won’t be the first time Sacha has landed himself in hot water,” the source reportedly added. “The water might be a little hotter this time round, though. Religion isn’t always the best place to poke fun.”

Really? I think religion could use a little humor. After all, it’s not like the US would ever condemn anyone for their beliefs. Hmmm… maybe he should rethink this.

Source: Telegraph