You just never know these days whether that trailer your Sci-Fi geek cousin sent you is the real deal. It’s easy to be fooled by the fan-made trailers floating around the Internet because they seem like they could be legit! Some even go so far as to make it look like it was filmed in a theater, before a movie. Don’t worry, we’ve all been tricked by these fakie-trailer makers. And, now I’m giving them their props.

Here’s the Top Ten Ten Movie Trailers making the rounds right now, coming soon to an inbox near you.

10. Twilight: New Moon

Great in terms of suspense and editing, but there’s nothing really new here.

9. Watchmen

Again…This is more of a remix than it is a trailer, but it’s well done!

8. Star Trek

Yeah, okay, if it were real, they’d probably want to show off some of their cool casting (like Zachary Quinto as Spock) but I still think this one’s pretty good, although I would have liked to see some more original footage.

7. Cloverfield 2

The funny thing about this one is it’s not that different from the one studios put out. Oooh, it’s warbly! I’m so scared! I want to know if the backgrounds in this video were made or used from another film, because they look really great.

6. Batman 3

There are loads of fake trailers out there, and twice as many rumors surrounding the casting. I understand, people, you’re excited! But, calm down, it’ll be out soon enough. Although after the first Dark Knight teaser trailer, I could totally picture something like this for the next Batman movie.

5. Justice League

Really well done. The cuts between the actual footage and their own footage is a bit rough at times. Amazing angles, great locations. Really well done.

4. Saw V

I gave this one so much credit for the fake blood. That had to be a bitch to deal with.

3. Halo (2012?)

This movie has been “about to come out” forever. Is it or isn’t it? Some fan thinks so! They better hurry up and release it or a fan will make the whole movie, not just the trailer. (It’s official status is in production.)

2. The Flash

Apparently, this one ran in front of The Watchmen…which doesn’t come out until March of this year. Wow, amazing! It’s got to be real then, right? I love how they tried to get that “side angle” on their flat screen. Then the applause at the end just makes it priceless.

1. Thundercats

This is hysterical! They took Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman and made them look all cat-like. Me-ow! It’s the winner because the voice over is just so damn well made. They have a plot, characters, and a voice that sounds like it should be reading for trailers. Plus the editing it amazing. A little silly but really well made.

*What do you think?  Awesome or lame?  Have you seen a good one we missed?  Leave a comment and let us know!