Just when you thought it was safe to go to the movies again, this has to hit theaters. The Unborn is a horror movie from mega producer Michael Bay, and writer-director David S. Goyer. A huge part of the film’s marketing campaign hangs on the credibility of Goyer’s previous work as co-writer of  Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. That being said, don’t believe the hype. Nothing about this film is dark or credible.

The story follows a young collegiate woman named Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman). As the film’s heroine, she spends her time hiding from a dybbuk, an evil spirit with the power to posses others. For the majority of the movie this spirit takes the form of a wide eyed kid, dressed in what looks like a school uniform. The story centers around the idea of this lost entity trying to enter the living world, not by possession but by birth. This concept has the potential to be average at best, but the script is so convoluted, it eliminates any chance for redemption.

Goyer manages to create a plot that “connects”, and I use that term loosely, Kabbalah, Nazi Germany, adoption, twins, and genetic experimentation. Casey’s grandmother Sofi, played by four time Academy Award nominee Jane Alexander, is a Holocaust survivor who has spent her entire life trying to out run this dybbuk. After her failure, she passes on the responsibility to her granddaughter stating, “It has fallen on you to finish what began in Auschwitz.”  Look out demon, the chick from Cloverfield, who spends the majority of this movie walking around in her underwear, is going to send you back to hell!

To make matters worse, the film’s casting was a huge disappointment. Having to watch talented actors such as Gary Oldman, and Idris Elba dwindle in bit parts as an exorcising rabbi and minister was hard to take. Twilight’s Cam Gigandet plays Casey’s boyfriend Mark, and gives a blink and you”ll miss him type of performance. He literally disappears for chunks of the movie, and I couldn’t tell if it was the script, or just bad editing. Meagan Good , who is beginning to make a career out of starring in F minus horror films, plays the typical best friend, while Carla Gugino makes a brief appearance as Casey’s dead mother.

Overall,  this film was a huge disappointment. If anything, it comes across as a horror spoof, that will have you laughing throughout its allotted 88 minutes. If your interested in seeing a serious horror movie skip The Unborn. The only thing scary about this film, is watching it, and then realizing you can never regain those moments that you wasted. Now, that is truly terrifying!

The Unborn is rated PG-13, and opens nationwide in theaters today.