Coming to theaters this weekend is Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s upcoming film Bride Wars. The film is about two best friends Live (Hudson) and Emma (Hathaway) who do everything together. Both women plan on having their wedding at the Plaza is June. Everything is perfect until suddenly, one the bookings becomes messed up and one of them will have to give up their dream. The gloves come off and comedy ensues.

Both actresses dive head first into this film making the movie a lot of fun instead of just a cliched wedding movie.

Check out what they had to say about what attracted them to the film, some words of wisdom from Goldie Hawn and their own perspectives of marriage vs. companionship…

When you read the script, what was it that you found interesting? What did and didn’t you relate to in the script?

ANNE: Well, I’m like you. I’ve never really thought about my wedding. So I think part of the reason why I was drawn to the script was because here was a girl that I had no relationship to. Like I didn’t understand that concept of identifying with yourself as a bride before it had occurred to you to identify with yourself as a woman. I mean, the bride specific thing. But I did know what it was like because I thought of myself, I guess, as an actress. That was kind of like I really wanted that when I was a kid. And so I kind of developed that, and assumed that I would develop as a person aside from that. And that didn’t happen. And it’s taken a lot of work to kind of figure out who I am and what I want, aside from what it is that I’ve kind of put in my head, and to kind of be here in reality and not just living the dream that I wanted, and accepting that things are different and far more interesting than they were when I thought of them when I was 8. And just accept that. And that was wonderful. But I identified with that kind of desire in my character, that process, and the hunger for that process. And then the female friendship. You know, how beautiful, powerful, scary it is to mean so much to someone. How fun it is, but also how much responsibility, and the best possible way.

And I was so happy because in the script, I hope I’m not speaking out of turn by revealing this, but we didn’t figure out that ending until just before. We always knew that there was a piece missing and we couldn’t quite figure it out. And in a way, we were just kind of talking. Kate told a story, and we all burst into tears, because the point of the story was that as much fun as marriage hopefully is, and as much as we all want to find that one person that fulfills us, and not exactly have the fairy tale, but be able to rely on that person, you can’t. You cannot. You know, it’s a sad, sad, sad fact, but the person that, whatever happens in your life, in the great moments, the bad moments, the unexpected moments, there’s always going to be somewhere there refilling your wine glass, giving you a shoulder to cry on, picking you up, celebrating with you. They’re with you, and that’s your girlfriend. And we didn’t find that message in the movie until much, much, much later. And then as soon as we did, it all made sense. And then suddenly the movie just…That’s what I related to fully. And that’s when I fully gave in to it.

Do you mean that scene where you come back from Hawaii?

ANNE: No, the final monologue about…you know, weddings are great, the dream is great, it’s so much fun, but don’t…

KATE: Conceptually, that’s what it was. But when we sat down, we were talking about trying to fix the end of the movie. We all sat around, and I told the story about my mother and…Basically my brother was getting married, and we had this bridal shower for my sister-in-law, and my mom made this speech, and she said, “I want all the girls to look around the room. And even if you don’t know each other, even if you’re just getting to know each other, or even if it’s your sister. I want you to remember one thing: trust me, men, they come and go. They always will. Hopefully they stay. But it’s the girl that’s sitting next to you, or the girl that’s sitting across from you, that’s going to get you through everything.”

My mom is filled with all these little wisdoms like that. But that’s really important, and that idea of like not losing sight no matter where you go in your life with men, because women give a lot to men. We love relationships, we thrive in them. As we should. And then sometimes you lose sight of the girls that are there for you all the time. Which we shouldn’t hold against any of our friends. Like I have a girlfriend right now who’s off and running with somebody. But we’re always there. And when she’s ready to pick up the phone and go, “I don’t know what to do,” we’re all there, you know? And that’s what the movie’s about. And so when we sat around and talked about that, that’s where we sort of came up with that end. Because it’s hard to tie these types of movies together and have something that makes you feel like…something emotional
that makes all the other crazy stuff kind of worth it.


What did you or didn’t relate to?

KATE: I feel like just creatively, I’m constantly watching other people. And I have so many friends that are all so different, and all things are different to other people. So I could relate to a lot, whether it’s me that’s like that, or my best girlfriend. You know, I have one girlfriend who I sort of based the whole hair thing after, [she] is in the hair salon like two times a week, won’t dip her foot in water because her hair might get frizzy [laughs]. You know, and that to me is Liv. I can’t relate to that, but I can because I know somebody who’s like that, and it cracks me up. But in terms of weddings and stuff, I can relate to it. Because I like to dress up. I like to dress up, I like to have a party, I like to throw parties, I like to bring people together. So I can relate to that. I mean, look, everybody has their own opinion as to the sanctity of marriage or what it is they believe. I mean, I come from two parents who aren’t married. Well, I come from one parent who ended up not marrying my other parent. I come from a complicated household! So it’s like I don’t have this…It’s a little unconventional how I see it. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to it. And I got married, and it was great. It was a blast. Everybody should do it! [laughs]

Would you do it again?

KATE: You know, possibly. I don’t know. If it’s right. I think if it’s important to everybody. But I don’t know. I don’t know who the guy would be yet. So it would all kind of depend on what kind of relationship that is, you know?