Horror film or dentist ad? You decide! Seriously, this girls teeth are far to perfect and white.

We’ll take a little tour of the pictures and the plot in a moment, but let us first discuss whether or not this movie should have even been made. My main issue with this film is that the reason it was so great is because no one knew what to expect. They took their time building up the spelunking journey and have the mountain cave in on them. Seeings things out of the corners of their eyes and the question of internal madness of external monsters was the best part. The fear of simply being trapped in a mountain was enough to capture viewers. The monsters were just added in on top of all that. Now that the surprise is over, what is stopping this from becoming just another cheesy horror film?

Shauna Macdonald is apparently back for the sequel. If we remember correctly, she was the only living person at the end of the first movie, but they did allude to the fact that she was very soon to be dead.

Let’s take a look…

Apparently she made it out alive!


The story goes that “Distraught, confused and half-wild with fear, Sarah Carter emerges alone from the Appalachian cave system where she encountered unspeakable terrors. Unable to plausibly explain to the authorities what happened – or why she’s covered in blood – Sarah is forced back to the subterranean depths to help locate her five missing friends. As the rescue party drives deeper into uncharted caverns, nightmarish visions of the recent past begin to haunt Sarah and she starts to realize the full horror and futility of the mission.

Time to go for some innocent and yet absolutely terrifying spelunking…


Seriously. Why doesn’t she say “throw me in jail, you go down there?” I would rather spend my days in jail, knowing I might be able to appeal, then to go back down into that hole.


Of course it all goes horribly wrong. ***Warning:Serious spoiler ahead*** If you don’t want to see the monster, stop now…

I don’t think she knows he’s coming. Look out!


His face looks like white jello mold. Anyone else?


That’s right. Bitch slap that man eating monster.


I’m scared. Not because this looks like a scary film, but because I think they may have destroyed one of the few horror films I liked in the past few years.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Descent: Part 2?

Photos via /Film