According to the Boston Herald, Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese (The Departed) can’t get enough of Beantown. Over at the Herald they received word from an insider that Scorsese is interested in directing a bio-pic of the infamous Boston gangster, John Martorano.

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…according to our snitch, Marty had his longtime collaborator, producer Graham King, lock down the rights to Martorano’s life story. It is also likely that William Monahan, who wrote the screenplay for “The Departed,” which Scorsese directed and King produced, will write the Martorano script.

I know you’re asking yourself who is this Matorano guy? What makes him so interesting? Well here you go!

Martorano was allowed to plead guilty to 20 murders and serve just 12 years in jail in exchange for his testimony against fellow mobsters and former FBI agent John Connolly .

Yeah, he killed a lot of people. This has Scorsese written all over it.