Christmas is almost here, which means gifts for you, and money for the studios. As the most profitable time of the year in terms of audience attendance, several holiday themed films are being thrown into our faces. Whether your into romance, comedies, or the typical family fare for the kids, your local theater has something to offer!

According to THR, this week will be an epic battle for worldwide box office dominance, that may favor a lion, zebra, and hippo over a humanoid alien.

The animated “Madagascar 2,” which took command of the international boxoffice with a $36.6 million weekend, will have almost 6,000 screens working in 43 markets during Christmas week, while the sci-fi reimagining of “Earth,” which dropped to second place with $21.3 million, will offer some 7,800 sites in 92 territories.

This holiday gives some films second chances, by allowing them to opening in broader markets. For example the Baz Luhrmann epic Australia,  may have had a modest opening here, but will be opening in 45 more markets this Christmas holiday. Another opportunity to make back some of that money 20th Century Fox invested. “Sweeping” epics are expensive!

On the comedy front  Four Christmases,  which had a successful opening stateside, is still pulling in viewers around the globe.

New Line’s “Four Christmases,” which will be around during the holiday season, pulled in a festive $6.3 million from 2,282 screens in 38 territories, raising its international cume to $24.8 million. “Four” is No. 3 in the U.K., where it has taken in $12.6 million in four weeks.

If you think all of these choices are overwhelming, don’t forget the films that are opening Christmas day, The Spirit, Bedtime Stories, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Valkyrie, Revolutionary Road (Limited), Marley & Me, and Last Chance Harvey (Limited) just to name a few.

What are they trying to do to us? So many choices!