A trailer is a gateway to a film. Yet, many of them lie, mislead, or ruin the film with spoilers.

A good trailer is priceless. It sends chills down your spine, entices you with images, and most importantly makes you feel like you absolutely have to see “THAT” film.

Here are the 18 best trailers of 2008 as voted for by the ScreenCrave staff.

18. Terminator - Teaser Trailer

This trailer is better than the full length version because it has everything you need without going into too much detail. It doesn’t send chills down my spin, but that last shot is pretty awesome.

17. Waltz with Bashir - Full Length Feature Trailer

This trailer really blew my hair back when I first saw it. Just like the film, everything is beautiful and effortless, almost like a dance. Hence the whole “Waltz” thing.

16. Burn After Reading - International Trailer

Because it has balls. The trailer knows you’re going to see the celebrities in the film and it gives you just enough information to get you excited but doesn’t spoil anything for you.

15. WatchmenTeaser Trailer

This version hits the mark more than the extended trailer. The slow motion shots are absolutely beautiful. The bottle going through the window and fire raging out is truly stunning. We get an introduction to each of the characters without any spoilers.

They took a risk with The Smashing Pumpkins song, but it paid off.

14. Let The Right One InRed Band Trailer

Completely captures the essence of the film. Beautiful, secretive, and above all creepy.

13. W. - Full Length Feature Trailer

There’s an over-riding sarcastic tone which I think the film could have used a little more of. I love the way they introduce the characters by “General,” “Rummy,” “Vice,” and “Rice”. It’s a funny trailer that makes you curious to see what they’re going to do with the film.

12. Wall-EFull Length Feature Trailer

It’s funny. It looks amazing. It’s a great trailer. It has almost no words in it and yet everyone walks away saying “Walllllll-EEEEEEEE.”

11. CloverfieldTeaser Trailer

We all know this movie was sold on it’s vague marketing campaign. It commanded your full attention because no one really knew what was going on. Exactly what I want from a trailer. Intrigue and curiosity.

10. The Wrestler - Full Length Feature Trailer

It captures the tone, the joy, and makes you give a damn about someone in under 2 minutes. Well done you…

9. DoubtFull Length Feature Trailer

Albiet overplayed in theaters at the moment, it’s an amazing trailer. We get the comedy, the drama, and we get to see the start of Streep and Hoffman throwing down. Sweet!

8. TakenFull Length Feature Trailer

Who knew Liam Nesson could kick so much ass?

7. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Full Length Feature Trailer

My expectations for Potter are extremely high and although this trailer is visually stunning, it doesn’t build enough tension. Hermoine smacking Harry on his head is a nicely added comedic moment in the middle of the drama.

6. Pineapple ExpressRed Band Trailer

“Thug life!” So awesome. M.I.A was the perfect song choice for this trailer.

5. Iron ManFull Length Feature Trailer

The major reason why this trailer is not in the top three is because it gave away too much information. The jokes in the trailer are played out in the exact same way as they are in the film, thereby killing all of Downey’s amazing lines.

But the ending is fucking bad-ass.

4. WolverineFull Length Feature Trailer

This trailer would have been number one, except for when it was shown at Comic-Con Wolverine said “I’m going to cut your God Damned head off, see if that works.” In this widely released trailer they cut out the words “God Damn.” You can’t pussy out on a trailer like this!

It’s still awesome though. How many muscles can one man have?

3. Frost/NixonFull Length Feature Trailer

Surprised to see this one so high up?  This trailer tells the story but by no means gives away anything you don’t already know. At the end Frost says “I’m sorry?” and I’m absolutely intrigued. It makes me feel like I HAVE to see this film.

2. Dark KnightFull Length First Feature Trailer

Now I know many of you want this to be number one, but frankly I think this should be moved back and for one main reason, the truck flipping over. We don’t need that in the trailer, there is plenty to get us to the theater. Let that be a surprise.

That being said, for all it’s faults, it’s still a damn good trailer. It was a perfect example of what the entire movie would later express. The Joker’s voice is a brilliant touch, although I would have preferred a few less shots of him. The music builds you up and gets you ready for more.

1. Milk -Full Length Feature Trailer

It’s perfect. Gives me chills. Doesn’t overdue it. Funny and yet when you watch the movie the jokes don’t play out like they do in the trailer so you’re still surprised. It draws me in and makes me want more. I love the last line “You’ve got to give them hope…” Worked for Obama and it works for Milk

Happy Holidays everyone! If you disagree with me (which I’m sure many of you do) leave a comment!