Remember a while back, when we broke the news regarding a  Forbidden Planet remake? Over at LatinoReview, there are rumblings that original Terminator helmer James Cameron may be interested in directing the project. Cameron supposedly met with the film’s screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski, after seeing a first draft of the script. If that isn’t crazy enough, there’s word that this new Forbidden Planet could spawn a possible trilogy!

Yes, I said a trilogy! Here are the leaked film descriptions below.

Movie One tells the story of the original ship that came to Altair 4.

Movie Two tells the story of the search for the Krell by the captain of the Bellerophon and his crew…as Diana continues to grow into something profoundly other-wordly. The search takes them beyond the limits of known space into other dimensions, passing from what’s known into what’s not.

Movie Three tells the story of the second ship to arrive at Altair 4 to investigate what happened to the Bellerophon. They discover Morbius and his “daughter,” who is desperate to get off the planet and out into the rest of the universe, where her power would nearly be god-like…a fate we are spared when Morbius sacrifices his life to keep her there and eliminate the Krell homeworld once and for all.

This is insane.  No words, just no words.