He’s back! Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy’s answer to James Bond, dominated the last decade with politically charged thrillers starring the biggest names in film. The Jack Ryan franchise has seen many faces come and go, Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck being the last in 2002. According to THR, execs over at Paramount want to produce another Jack Ryan pic, and they’ve already hired a writer!

Screenwriter Hossein Amini has been hired to tackle a new Jack Ryan movie for Paramount Pictures.

Amini is best known for his literary adaptations of Henry James, Thomas Hardy and Elmore Leonard. His new Ryan film is planned as an origin story, not derived from Clancy’s novels and ultimately featuring a new, younger star.

I know I’m too young to be so obsessed with the Jack Ryan, but when I was a kid I loved Clear and Present Danger!  I used to watch it on tape, yes I said tape! Whoever this younger actor is that their trying to hire, better have something else going on for him besides youth. Talent would be nice.