Maybe the whole mad cow thing is making a comeback across the pond. Otherwise, I’m not sure how to explain it. A fluffy, Splenda sweet musical did what James Bond, the Dark Knight or ANY OTHER MOVIE has not been able to do. In 22 weeks, Mamma Mia grossed 69.1 million pounds topping Titanic‘s take by 100,000 pounds…and it’s still playing there. That’s without taking inflation into account it, but still!

So, what is it about a musical wedding movie with a Greek backdrop that swept up our ex-colonists? Their number one film of 2008 is only our twelfth highest grossing film. I predict that if we do a round the world tour we will see a sinister pattern. British colonies will have it in their top ten highest grossing lists (but not in the USA, we had a revolution!) Using data from our friends at box office mojo, let’s take a look around the world and see where  ranked among other countries.

To see if any of the ex-British colonies are trying to kiss up to their former motherland, I’ve added all the former colonies in bold.

  • Argentina = #22
  • Australia = #2 (Win!)
  • Austria = #1 (Um, well…take the “al” out and you get Australia!)
  • Belgium = #12
  • Brazil = #34
  • France = #25
  • Germany = #2 (Yeah, but Hancock was number one, so who can trust German taste)
  • Hong Kong = #21 (Okay, I admit my colonial theory takes a hit with this one.  In science it’s called an “outlier”)
  • India = #90 (Ugh. A body blow. British colony. Loves musicals…)
  • Italy = #17
  • Kenya = #31 (I got nothing)
  • South Africa = #1 (Yes!)
  • Sweden = #1 (Sigh. Well, it IS ABBA’s home country)

Sweden, South Africa, Greece, Austria, and of course the UK have all have Mamma Mia! ranked as the number one grossing film of the year and Australia and Germany have ranked it there number two. Ah ha! Well not really.

Looks like my hypothesis failed. It’s success really doesn’t have much to do with the British colonies. If it did than how can Kenya, India, and Hong King be so low on the list? And I mean who the hell can explain why Austria has it ranked as number one?

If you have any theories there, let me know!