Treason on the high seas? Of course, in pirate lingo this is called Mutiny! The news has been loaded this week with Disneyland’s decision to remove the character, Captain Jack Sparrow from the park. So what is the true story behind Disney’s mutiny of everyone’s favorite Captain? Misinformation and misquotes have lead to pure speculation of why Jack would be forced to leave his home at the happiest place on earth. The truth of course is not as colorful as the stories of excited women screaming and loosing control over Sparrow at the park, although swooning is always appropriate where Jack is concerned.

Brandon Pinto, one of the original Jack Sparrows to grace the park, approved by Depp himself, comes clean when he expresses to this publication, “The quotes of women flashing themselves are outlandish. I’ve personally never heard or seen this happen.” Pinto says that although females love the character, this “has nothing to do whatsoever with Jack being ‘excused’ from his watch at the park.” The Captain’s story is actually closer to the film version of Sparrow’s plight; he was basically marooned on a desert island.

The truth is exactly as Disney officials stated, his visitor numbers went down after he was moved from New Orleans Square (beside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride). Jack was recently sent to the new renovated Tom Sawyer’s hideaway island. This caused the visitors at the park to lose track of the infamous pirate. “Basically there’s nothing there, no rides, no restaurants, just a desert island with a bit of pirate flair. Nothing to really keep a family entertained.” Pinto laments. “You have to wait in line to take a raft to the island and then again to get back. If Jack is not wandering there at that point, all you can do is wait.” Why was Jack moved in the first place? It was Disney’s hope that having the Captain there would bring more people to the island.

Disney had decided to cut corners after spending a huge budget turning Ariel’s seashell visiting area, also known as Triton Gardens, into the new Pixie Hollow. After hiring a slew of Pixies and providing them a place to inhabit, our favorite Little Mermaid was also cut from the park; making it NOT the happiest place on earth for all little girls. Therefore, Ariel who is well known as one of the most popular princesses followed in Jack’s departure as well.

Though the Captain may be leaving temporarily, neither the character, nor pirates popularity have diminished; with pirate sites and Captain Jack look-alikes working around the clock, it’s a very lucrative business. Brandon himself has formed and runs the largest and most popular look-alike crew to date, Markedmen.net. Using his acting abilities and Pirate experience to bring the magic from the film and park to everyday life, he continues to prove why Jack is the most famous pirate of the seven seas. Brandon is known as the most popular and loved of all the Captain Jack Sparrow impersonators, spending more time in the costume than anyone to date.  Why keep the character going? “I’m an actor and filmmaker first and foremost, but Jack is just a part of me that I just can’t let go.” All accounts point towards the Captain’s return in 2010 with the unveiling of Pirates of the Caribbean four. It is now known among most fans that Johnny Depp has now agreed and signed to do another film. When that happens Jack will, of course reappear in all his glory. So keep a weather eye on the horizon and don’t forget one very important thing mate.. … he’s Captain Jack Sparrow!”

Story by guest author Laura Cline