• Who wants to see Steven Segal fight vampires? Well you might get your chance in Against the Dark. Segal will have to fight off vampires that are destroying the human population. Sweet! [FilmSchoolRejects]
  • Director Seth Gorden, who recently helmed Four Christmases is taking on another romantic comedy written by Jeff Roda (The Siege of Fulton Avenue). “The pic will be a comedy about a cynical guy who is forced to enter the Mr. Romance competition to win back the love of his life. ” Sounds like Slumdog, but without Danny Boyle. We’ll see! [Variety]
  • IMDB’s Top 25 films of the year. Now, this has nothing to do with people’s favorite movies to watch. Some of the films on the list won’t even be out until 2010. This is merely a list of the most searched for/clicked on films of the year. Surprise, surprise, Dark Knight wins. [FirstShowing]
  • Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Friel are set to star in Director Jason Reitman and producing partner Daniel Dubiecki’s upcoming film, The Wedding. The film is a romantic comedy that “visits the perils and peccadilloes of young love.” Normally I would say yawn, but Reitman did an amazing job with Juno and I would love to see what he could do with this. [THR]