We’ve just experienced history! The worst opening for any movie of all time! We’re talking worse than Glitter folks. The cartoon movie Delgo, which was just released this past weekend has officially had the worst opening weekend ever. Even with an all-star cast of Val Kilmer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Chris Kattan, Eric Idle, Burt Reynolds and the late Anne Bancroft, the film pulled in less than $237 average per screen. Ouch.

To give that some perspective, another animated movie, Bolt, made an average of $2,382 per screen the same weekend and a small movie like Slumdog Millionaire made an average of $12,873 per screen. Another way of looking at it is, Glitter‘s opening weekend made $2,414,596, Delgo made $511,920.

Box Office Mojo reports:

Delgo had by far the worst opening ever for a movie playing at over 2,000 theaters. The computer-animated fantasy scrounged up $511,920 at 2,160 sites, far less than the already record low $916,000 the movie’s distributor estimated on Sunday.

So I guess making an animated kids movies with A-list actors isn’t always a wild success. What do you think happened?

Check out the trailer below: