Everyone seems to think they have the in on the third Nolan Batman film. As of today, E!Online is busy telling everyone that Batman 3 is “definitely” in the works and that Rachel Weisz will be playing Catwoman. I smell big fat rumor. They’re saying that:

The next Batman installment is alive and kicking—definitely. We already mentioned today certain Warners sources are leaking to us that Rachel Weisz is being considered for the Catwoman role, too fab. But Warners officially isn’t saying bubkes.

Despite some recent interviews in which he down-played the possibility of returning as director again, Christopher Nolan (who helmed Knight) will for sure be back directing the third flick, we’re assured by a production mole. Christian Bale will obviously rejoin his director pal, and we’re very pleased to report that he’ll be playing a “sexier” Bruce Wayne. This is heaven-sent news, as, let’s face it, Bale couldn’t have looked any more constipated in that last flick.

They are unable to give any quotes, any names, ANYTHING that would prove that this is something other than a complete fabrication.

By the by, even though Warners did not comment on any of the above movie talk, additional studio sources did confirm it’s certainly “expected” Bale and Nolan will be back, pending a script which is being written as we gossip.

Well duh! They have had a ton of success and have made a ridiculous amount of money on the film. Of course it is “expected” that Warner Bros. and Nolan would want to do another one. Has anyone ever doubted that? But just because it’s “expected” does not mean that it’s in the works, that a script has been written, or that anyone has been cast.

Personally I’m siding with /Film:

I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles, but I have it on good authority that Nolan has yet to sign on for the third film, nevermind begin developing a story. And without a story, there are no casting talks at Warner Bros. This rumor is bunk.

Although, if there is any truth to this rumor, I do think that Weisz would make an interesting choice as Catwoman. She’s a great actress, very attractive although not necessarily as overtly sexual as Angelina Jolie, and I think if given the chance she could strut her stuff in skin tight leather.

What do you think? Is this all just a complete lie? Would you like to see Rachel Weisz as Catwoman?