Yes, it seems a bit premature, but the title says it all. According to Variety, a fifth installment of the Terminator franchise is already a go.  After Terminator: Salvation, director McG, along with producers Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson, will all be back for another round of metal mayhem.

When Anderson and Kubicek acquired the rights the lucrative “Terminator” franchise last year from previous owners C2, the former ad exec and banker envisaged the re-booted series as a trilogy. Christian Bale has signed on in the role of John Connor for all three roles. Newest pic is tentatively skedded for a 2011 release.

The duo had originally planned to wait until the release of “Terminator Salvation” next summer before deciding on whether to proceed with the next chapter, but the positive studio, fan and media reaction to footage from the current pic has encouraged them to move forward ahead of schedule.

Talk about having faith in your projects.