Scott from recently got to take a little visit of the Terminator Salvation set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Despite the 100 degree temperatures, McG was excited to talk about his film and was willing to give him a tour of the set, show him 15 minutes of the latest action footage (without special effects of course) and walked him through almost all of the films plot with production paintings. Pretty f-ing cool.

Here are some of the highlights of his trip…

  • Director McG was very energetic, very open, and a lot of fun to talk to. He was so eager to chat with us that the crew started getting annoyed that we were distracting him from shooting. McG knows he has a lot to prove and he’s doing his best to make a good “Terminator” film. Based on what I saw, he’s on the right track.
  • Production designer Martin Laing showed us all the robot designs from the film including the Hydrobots, T-700, Aerial HK’s, the Moto-Terminators, the Harvester, the T-600 (the one Kyle Reese mentions is ‘easy to spot’ in the first film), and more.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard had only been shooting for a day when we arrived. She was having so much fun on the set and you could tell she was a sci-fi geek. (She geeked out over the fact that Anton Yelchin was playing Chekov in Star Trek.) She also knew her “Terminator” history.
  • McG also denied that the rumored fate of John Connor was going to happen. He said their ending was completely different. And since they were still at least a month away from shooting the end of the film, I think they had time for a rewrite. I’m inclined to believe him at this point.

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