Twilight star, Robert Pattinson has booked another job. Now teen girls everywhere can be assured that they will get their Pattinson fix for at least the next couple of years. According to MTV, the 22 year old actor is set to star in Parts Per Billion.  Pattinson will star alongside Rosario Dawson, Olivia Thirlby, and Dennis Hopper.

More on the plot after the jump.

Directed by newcomer Brian Horiuchi, “Billion” tells the story of three couples (including Pattinson and Thirlby) dealing with the same reality-shaking event that threatens to tear them apart. Pattinson will shoot “Billion” before he reports for duty on the “Twilight” sequel “New Moon,” and the film is expected to be released in late 2009/early 2010.

You excited for the film? Or would you rather see Twilight 2?