“The Dark Knight”

Starring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine

There’s only one DVD release this week that matters and it’s this one, right?Right?I mean, this is the only DVD release that matters for the rest of the year.For the rest of the decade.For the rest of time.This is the greatest movie ever made.If you didn’t see it fifteen times in the theater you deserve to be tarred and feathered.If you didn’t dress like The Joker for Halloween, there’s something wrong with you.Hell, if you even watched another movie in the theater this year you were wasting your time.Why would you see something else when you could be seeing this impossibly perfect epic one more time?You’re a fool.Yes, I’m talking to you.The person who didn’t go to the midnight show.The person who didn’t see it three-dozen times.The person who hasn’t thought about this DVD release every day for the last few months.

Obviously, the preceding paragraph was meant as satire.But for those who actually echo those sentiments (and there are thousands) you can pick up a single-disc edition or a two-disc special edition.Just try not to trample anyone on the way to the store.

“Horton Hears a Who”

Voices of: Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen, and Jonah Hill

This isn’t the typical movie discussed in this column, but does it allow the raising of this question: Is Jim Carrey even the biggest star in this film?Is he even in the top 3?You’d certainly have to say that Carrell’s star has exceeded his “Bruce Almighty” cast mate’s with the success of “The Office”, “Get Smart” and “Little Miss Sunshine”, but what about Rogen and Hill?“Knocked Up” anyone?“Superbad” anyone?“Pineapple Express” anyone?Meanwhile, Carrey’s last big hit was “Fun with Dick and Jane”.Did we ever think we’d see a movie in which Carrey wasn’t even in the top 3 of comedy stars in the film?Good thing they chose Amy Poehler instead of her “SNL” chum Tina Fey or he’d be struggling to stay in the top 5.

No matter which star you think is biggest, you can buy this in a single-disc or two-disc special edition.

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“The Wire”: The Complete Series

By now,you’ve probably heard the hype.You’ve probably heard that this is the best show of all time.That nothing’s ever come close, and it will be hard to top in the future.Unlike, “The Dark Knight”, none of this seems like hyperbole to those who have enjoyed this show.It is brilliant.It is damn near perfect.The way it perfectly dissects the underbelly of America, the part we’d rather ignore, from all angles is like nothing you’ve ever seen.Plus, it’s incredibly entertaining.It’s funny, it’s filled with suspense and raw human emotions explored with an honesty hard to find on the small screen.If you’ve never watched “The Wire”, this 23-disc set is the perfect way to get started.Once you do, it’s all you’ll want to talk about.


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“I Am Legend” and “Sex and the City” Ultimate Editions

Even though we’re just a few weeks from Christmas, these are the only two special editions being released today unless you count some re-releases that now included a “Digital Copy”.Seriously, if you can’t figure out a way to rip a DVD onto your computer and then your iPod, then you should pay triple what they’re asking.But, I digress.

So here’s what we have.Two three-disc editions of movies that came out on DVD in the last few months.Time to complain.Time to complain about the ridiculous DVD pyramid scheme.Why do studios insist on shoving first a bare-bones, then a two-disc and then some ultimate edition down our throats in consecutive months?Well, of course it’s to jip saps into buying all three editions, but for the more savvy consumer (which we’re all beginning to become) it just creates a ridiculous waiting game while we anticipate the real DVD coming out.

Personally, I haven’t bought a DVD 6 months after the first edition was released in years.I hesitate to buy a movie that was released this decade even.Too many times I’ve bought a nice collector’s edition only to find out 3 months later it was obsolete.It’s scary.It’s almost impossible to buy a DVD with any level of security anymore as the next edition may be lurking a few weeks away.

Anyway, if you feel secure enough that these are the ends of the line for these movies, you can buy the ultimate sets for “I Am Legend” and “Sex and the City”.Personally, I feel like a 4-disc set might hit around Valentine’s day.


“Johnson Family Christmas Dinner”

The reason this movie takes the prize is because of its full title: Black Christmas Movies Presents: “Johnson Family Christmas Dinner”.What is Black Christmas Films?Is it a new production company?Is it some new genre?

The real question is can we look forward to other ethnic holiday productions from studios that only make films featuring a specific race about a specific holiday?Such as:

  • Asian Thanksgiving Movies Presents: “Turkey Day with the Nguyen Family”
  • White Fourth of July Movies Presents: “Fireworks with the O’Connors”
  • Latino Easter Movies Presents: “The Great Hernandez Egg Hunt”
  • Indian Arbor Day Movies Presents: “The Patels Plant a Tree”

It could go on forever!

I personally think from now on every holiday film should be qualified with the race of the main characters and the holiday they’re celebrating.Because a DVD cover featuring 10 African-Americans and a title containing the word “Christmas” really isn’t clear enough.