All the pieces are almost in place, as Ben Affleck nears a deal to direct his sophomore follow up to 2007′s Gone Baby Gone. According to THR, Affleck is eying a bio-pic, based on the unfortunate murder of Arizona journalist Don Bolles.

More on the film after the jump.

In 1976, Bolles was a reporter for the Arizona Republic looking into political corruption and the convergence of New York, Chicago and Detroit mobsters in Phoenix. When lured to a downtown hotel by a source who didn’t show up, Bolles was blown up in his car. He died days later.

The group of elite national journalists that Bolles had been trying to organize at the time, Investigative Reporters and Editors, responded to the murder by convening dozens of investigative reporters in Phoenix from 23 different newspapers and launching an unprecedented crusade to finish Bolles’ work. Although the result involved 40 articles exposing corruption in the state, many criticized the effort as vigilantism, including former presidential candidate and Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater.

Sounds deep. I like the route that Affleck is taking with his directing career. Who knows, he might be able to one day make the successful transition like such actors turned directors Ron Howard, Clint Eastwood, and Robert Redford.