While out promoting his latest project The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke spoke to ComingSoon.net about reprising his role as Marv in Sin City 2. In the past, Rourke has stated that he was ready and willing to be a part of the Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller sequel. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Rourke has changed his tune, and is not interested in returning to the role.

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“No, I’m not interested in that right now. That’s not a reality right now. It’s pissing in the wind,” Rourke admitted. “There’s different factions going different directions there. I don’t know. That’s three hours of make up and I’m claustrophobic, so I’m going to have to work something out.”

Who knows how much of a role Marv would have played in the sequel considering that it was to be based around the mini-series “A Dame to Kill For” but Marv was always kind of in the background even in the stories that didn’t feature him, so hopefully, they can work things out.

Well, there you have it. I wonder if he”ll change his mind for a third time?