• Elizabeth Banks, Terrence Howard and Rainn Wilson along with Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Jorge Camara will announce the Nominations for “The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards” on Thursday morning, December 11, 2008 at The Beverly Hilton. Why do we need stars to do this? And how did those three names come up? [ComingSoon]
  • Star Trek goes IMAX: Apparently they were waiting for The Day the Earth Stood Still. “We got our print-info sheet for Day the Earth Stood Still in IMAX and attached is a trailer for Star Trek. So it appears that JJ Abrams Trek Reboot/Remake is coming to IMAX in May.” [Cinematical]
  • Photo of Nic Cage (can be seen above or full image here) on the set of Season of the Witch riding a horse. The film itself is somewhat questionable. It’s a “14th-century supernatural thriller about a couple of knights who must take this witch up into the mountains.” It’s an action/sci-fi film which really isn’t for me. Are you excited for the film? [FirstShowing]

  • Punisher: War Zone drinking game! My favorite is “Chug Your Drink Whenever: Something bad happen to someone’s head (e.g., decapitation, gunshot, neck broken)” [FilmSchoolRejects]
  • Johnny Mad Dog Trailer: The trailer and the subtitles aren’t in English, yet it speaks louder than most trailers out there. It’s about a 15-year-old solider fighting and killing in Africa. Worth a look. And I’m sure the film will be made available with English subtitles. [TrailerAddict]

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