This article isn’t about any of the members of My Chemical Romance, or Fall Out Boy so if that’s what your looking for go visit BeatCrave instead. Emo Boy is the name of a comic book series that was first published in 2005 by Slave Labor Graphics. According to THR, Vanguard Films have bought the rights to the comic book, and are producing a feature film adaptation. Kyle Newman is set to direct, and Stephen Edmond will write the screenplay.

More on Emo Boy when you continue.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the comic, here is a brief synopsis of the first issue, courtesy of Mega City Comics.

Poor Emo Boy- he’s unpopular. Unloved. He has no family. Not only does he need to deal with things like pondering suicide and questioning his sexual identity, but on top of that he’s got these emo super powers that only seem to bring destruction and disaster, causing everyone to hate him more than they already do. His first love suffers a head explosion, the football team wants him dead, and he got an F in English. No wonder he’s so depressed!

Doesn’t that sound all kinds of exciting? It’s like high school all over again.