During a recent interview with UGO Movie Blog, about his upcoming WWII thriller Valkyrie, Bryan Singer shed some light on his involvement, or lack there of in, Superman: The Man of Steel. It sounds like Singer has got himself caught between a rock and a hard place, he’s not a part of the film and yet he is attached via his 2006 film deal with the studio.

That is to say although he is not “officially involved in the talks,” Singer is “not divorced” from it either – aka Bryan won’t be directly involved but will be paid regardless thanks to the expensive “Pay or Play” deal he inked with the studio back in October ‘06.

So, don’t be surprised if Bryan is given a “Producer” title despite his non-involvement (i.e. like Jon Peters was on Superman Returns!)

Singer could probably add something really great to the film. It’s hard to say whether he doesn’t want to be involved and is just forced to have his name attached, or if there is something else brewing.

There are talks of Brandon Routh, returning to the role. Although I’m sure there will be more news on that in weeks to come.

Source: ScreenRant