ANOTHER ONE! Seriously, leave the 80′s alone! Fox has for some reason decided that they need ANOTHER Romancing the Stone. The have asked Eagle Eye writer Daniel McDermott to write the screenplay (I bet you there is a chase scene somewhere in the remake, I’d put $50 on it).

The original movie shot stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito into the big leagues and launched Robert Zemeckis career as a director. The story (written by Diane Thomas who died one year after the film was made) was about an uptight novelist (Turner) who travels to Columbia to save her sister and runs into the rugged yet ultimately charming American solider (Douglas) searching for a secret treasure. The two embark on an adventure which is complicated by the evil yet not very threatening villain (DeVito).

The film was perfect for the 80′s but really should be left alone. None of the original producers are attached to the remake, so something tells me this is just going to be something COMPLETELY different and most likely not as good as the first.

McDermott, a former head of DreamWorks Television, is also developing a contemporary adventure movie for Tom Cruise at UA titled “Adventurer’s Club” and working on a remake of “Soylent Green” for Warner Bros.

Source: THR