For months, it’s been speculated that Journeyman and Rome star Kevin McKidd will be involved with Marvel’s upcoming comic film, Thor. He recently spoke to IGN, and finally dispelled all the rumors with some good old fashioned truth. Yes, McKidd is in negotiations to star in the film, but not in a supporting role. The actor stated that he’s in the running to play non other than Thor himself!

McKidd confirmed for IGN that he’s still a contender for the lead role and that there’s been “a lot of back and forth” about the project of late, but that nothing has been determined. He acknowledged that Kenneth Branagh is directing it, a choice that makes him even more excited about the film.

Well, he does have the fair skin and hair for the character. Do you think he can pull off a Norse god? You can look for Thor and his hammer to hit theaters on July 16, 2010.

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