Looks like Johnny Depp’s ready to take the dive into Dante’s Inferno. His production company Infinitum Nihil has acquired screen rights to the Nick Tosches novel “In the Hand of Dante” which is based off of Dante’s “The Divine Comedy.” And it looks like Depp will be produing the film with partner Christi Dembrowski as well as starring in the film as Toches.

Book revolves around Dante’s masterwork “The Divine Comedy,” and tells parallel storylines involving Dante in 14th-century Italy as he tries to complete the work, and a contemporary storyline involving Tosches, who is asked to authenticate what might be Dante’s original manuscript. Depp would play Tosches. The novel was published in 2002.

Personally, I think it’s about time someone did a proper adaptation of “The Divine Comedy.” No one has tackled it yet and it begs to be seen by the camera. It’s filled with such amazing imagery. By the sounds of it, this film will more likely explore the making of “The Divine Comedy” rather than the seven circles of hell, but I hope that they explore hell at least a little bit. And if not them, then somebody! I remember watching some half-assed-docu-made-for-TV-movie in college and was just hoping someone would take it and do it right.

As many of you know, this is not all that Depp has on his plate. Depp is set to star in March as gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson in “The Rum Diary,” an adaptation of the Thompson book. His production company will be producing it, and Bruce Robinson (who worked with Depp on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) will be directing the script.

And that’s not all…

Infinitum Nihil also is working with GK Films and WB on a film transfer of “Dark Shadows” that will have Depp playing Barnabas Collins; an adaptation of “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” that will be directed by Chris Wedge; an adaptation of the Gregory David Roberts book “Shantaram” that was scripted by Eric Roth; and “The Bomb in My Garden,” the Mahdi Obeidi/Kurt Pitzer book that has a script by Robert Edwards. Infinitum Nihil also is developing an adaptation of “Inamorata” that was scripted by the book’s author, Joseph Gangemi.

Looks like they like adapting good books.