Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon make for an interesting yet enjoyable couple in the new Seth Gordon holiday flick – Four Christmases.  The movie revolves around the pair and their trials as they have to go to four different homes of their divorced families for Christmas.

The supporting cast has as much to do with how funny the film turned out as Vaughn and Witherspoon, as stars like Robert Duvall (Vaughn’s dad), Sissy Spacek (Vaughn’s mother), Jon Voight (Witherspoon’s dad), and Jon Favreau (Vaugh’s cage fighting UFC brother), all have very solid parts that keep the film flowing.
It’s a typical role for Vaughn, who is as wise-cracking yet funny as usual.  His star presence and the deadpan looks of Witherspoon make for a good combo.  Vaughn has a knack of making the parts of the movie that could drag seem just a bit funnier, and even at the points of the movie where you know what’s coming, like a National Lampoon’s Christmas, the movie has that holiday humor that keeps it light.

Witherspoon also gets kudos for a job well done with her character, Kate, who at the start of the movie is all about Brad (Vaughn), and never wanting to marry of have kids.  As the movie goes, her character develops, and has a great charm to her by the mid-way point of the film. There are enough parts with just Witherspoon that she carries the film on her own as well.

It’s not going to win any awards, and while it’s not a true slapstick type of comedy, it does more than keep your interest for the 90 minutes, and is a fun diversion for those holiday shopping sprees and parties to just be able to get away and laugh for awhile.