After reading this latest casting news, I have to be honest with you, I feel a bit geriatric. Shia LaBeouf has just signed on to star in the legal thriller, The Associate. The film is based on the upcoming novel by John Grisham, the man whose book adaptations ruled the nineties. According to Variety, Paramount Studios have bought the rights to the book, and are ready to go.

More on Labeouf’s role after the jump.

LaBeouf will play a student who’s about to graduate from Yale Law School when he’s manipulated into accepting a job at a prestige law firm and given privileged information about a multibillion-dollar lawsuit.

He”ll be playing a law school graduate? Wow, that really hurts, but anyway good for you Shia. I see Grisham is sticking to that same formula in terms of his book titles. We’ve had The Client, The Pelican Brief, The Firm, The Rainmaker, The Runaway Jury, and those are just the ones that were made into movies!