It’s almost as if Empire magazine read my Wolverine article, and posted the above photo as a response. There’s been a serious outcry for Gambit aka Remy LeBeau to be in a live-action movie ever since X-Men came out in 2000. Yet, the most we ever got was his name on a computer screen, which was seen in X2: X-Men United. With Gavin Hood‘s prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we finally get some card throwing, Gambit action! Empire released an exclusive photo of Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), as he appears in the upcoming comic book flick. The cards are there, but the red eyes aren’t. Maybe they”ll add them in post production?

Compare Kitsch’s Gambit to the comic book version after the jump.

I see they tried to throw in his signature purple. Or would this be considered magenta?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens May 1, 2009, and stars Hugh Jackman, Danny Huston, Liev Shreiber, Ryan Reynolds, and Taylor Kitsch.