Baz Luhrmann knows how to tell a story. Through song, through Shakespeare, through any means possible, he knows how to make a film like no one else. Australia is beautiful in every way that it possibly can be. From the wide-shots of the rolling hills and the barren deserts to the galloping herd shots that will blow your mind. The story itself can be described as no less than an epic. It has drama, comedy, action, adventure, the whole lot. I think no matter who you are there is something to enjoy.

This film is worth it’s weight if only for the scope of it. So many films cut corners, go for the easy sell, the mass appeal and as a result, water down their vision. This film has the ability to appeal to nearly everyone, but also takes risks and pushes everything to the extreme. In many ways it’s theatrical in it’s presentation. It’s in every way packed to the brim with everything you could possibly want and then condensed into one very tightly wound package.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman are both phenomenal. Jackman’s calm, cool demeanor is the perfect underscore to Kidman’s at times overwhelming electricity. Both of them give strong performances but in two completely different ways. The love story between them, is, well predictable, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you it had me in tears a few different times. Brandon Walters the first time actor who plays Nullah, is endearing and his performance is incredible raw and instinctual. He does an amazing job of carrying the heart of the story of his high-spirited shoulders.

The film is 165 minutes, so you may want to bring a snack. But I can honestly say it fills every single one second with something interesting. It’s a great film to go see, especially over this Holiday weekend with your family.

This film is a “banquet” as Baz put it in a recent interview with ScreenCrave and perfect for everyone in your family. It’s got enough action and comedy to keep the kiddies interested but still has plenty of drama and depth for the adults to walk away feeling like they saw something important. Recently I spoke with Baz about how he thought this film would translate in America and what audiences should expect…

What we would love to happen is to invite all of America to Australia for Thanksgiving, and say “Come in share in this banquet of cinema…” That’s what we would like to do and that’s extremely hard to do, so I would say this… I know it’s hard to say, but there’s such a thing as a movie where you can laugh and you can cry, and you can swoon. Really the clever advertising campaign is for an audience to see the movie and tell their friends say, “Listen, trust me, I think this is some hours in the cinema worth spending.” So that’s all we got going for us. That’s all we got going for us.

So another banquet for you to sink your teeth into! Australia is in theaters now!

Check out the trailer below: