A while ago rumors were spread that Josh Brolin was supposed to be in The Terminator instead along with Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation. Most of the rumors dissipated as when Christian Bale signed on and they started filming with Brolin. But apparently there was some truth to the rumors as Brolin tells MTV he was up for the role.

“Yeah. I talked to Christian [Bale] for a couple hours,” Brolin told MTV. “I really liked the script though I hear that’s not what they filmed. The one I read was very interesting and dark. Ultimately though I didn’t think it felt right.”

They are unsure what role Brolin would have gone after. Whether it would have been Bale’s role as John Connor or Sam Worthington‘s role as Marcus Wright. I’m guessing Marcus, but who knows. Looks like he went for W. and Dan White aka the man behind the “Twinkie Defense” instead!

Also, McG has just reported that the film is 2 hours and 10 minutes of a German Newspaper. So looks like you’re in for a long ride.

Source: /Films