If you’re one of the many people stuck at work, waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around, this articles for you! It’s a short work week and a long holiday weekend, so whats a film lover to do? Well, studios are hoping you will invest some time and money into your local movie theater. Opening this week is Four Christmases, Transporter 3, Milk (limited), and Baz’s Luhrmann’s sweeping epic Australia. Projections are already being made as to who will take the box office crown from last weeks champ, Twilight.

Continue reading to find out who might end up on top.

According to /Film, the Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon comedy Four Christmases looks as if it will take the biggest piece of the (pumpkin) pie this weekend. Typically, Christmas films fare well during the Thanksgiving holiday, and experts don’t expect this year to be any different.

The truth is that there is always room for a Christmas comedy at Thanksgiving. The high water mark was 2000’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which opened with $55M on its way to $260M domestic, but there is a proven track record for Christmas-themed films opening for Thanksgiving or the few weeks before.

Tracking for Four Christmases really surged over the weekend, and I’m told that the Monday numbers point to a possible weekend win. I am penciling in a potential $38.5M for this Seth Gordon-directed comedy.

As for last week’s reigning champ Twilight, predictions see the film slipping to the number 2 spot, with its viewership dropping considerably from last week.

After $69.6M in its opening weekend, Twilight could be down 72% to $18.9M for the upcoming Friday-Saturday-Sunday traditional frame. Still, I anticipate a respectable $30.7M for the 5-day, which would push the vampire love saga’s domestic gross to $110M by Monday morning.

Now, this is just one perspective on this weekends box office battle. There is still a strong consensus amongst fans that Twilight will hold on to its top spot. According to ComingSoon.net, the numbers will fall in favor of the vampires.

  1. Twilight (Summit) – $44.7 / 31.7 million -55%
  2. Four Christmases (New Line/WB) – $32.8 / 23.3 million N/A
  3. Bolt (Disney) – $32.0 / 23.4 million N/A -11%
  4. Quantum of Solace (Sony) – $23.8 / 16.8 million -37%
  5. Australia (20th Century Fox) – $22.3 / 15.4 million N/A
  6. Transporter 3 (Lionsgate) – $18.5 / 11.5 million N/A
  7. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (DreamWorks) – $17.3 / 12.5 million -21%
  8. Role Models (Universal) – $8.4 / 5.9 million -16%
  9. Changeling (Universal) – $2.6 / 1.8 million -34%
  10. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Miramax) – $2.1 /1.5 million -10%

So many choices, but who will dominate?! I personally want to see Australia, because I love Hugh Jackman and I think he’s more than just a pretty face (People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2008). Yet, Four Christmases does seem like a happier, and more enjoyable way to spend my weekend dollars.  Out of the four new releases who will be your box office pick?