If the first two The Incredible Hulk movies were a letdown to you, don’t fret, you likely will have a chance to give the series one more chance. As far as who the Hulk will have to battle in the next installment, CinemaBlend.com is reporting that role may very well go to Tim Blake Nelson – playing the role of Dr.Samuel Sterns.

Nelson is currently working with Norton on another film, Leaves of Grass, and says he has no idea if Norton will be returning to the franchise or not, but says he’s signed on for the second and third film, whether Norton comes on or not:

“Well, I’m signed on to do Hulk 2 and 3 whether Edward’s there or not, so it’s not even up to me. When I agreed to do Hulk, I signed off for two sequels, so it’s a moot question. I certainly hope Edward is on the sequel — but that’s up to Marvel and Edward.”

If you saw the latest Hulk flick starring Edward Norton, you may recall the small role that Nelson played as the doctor. He had a part in trying to help Bruce Banner, and had a bad reaction to a sample of Banner’s blood. Sterns told MTV’s Splash Page that he is indeed committed to two more Hulk movies, and that he is hoping that he’ll be able to play the villain that he becomes in the comic book series – the Leader.

Nelson has also appeared in such movies as The Astronaut Farmer, O’ Brother Where Art Thou? and Meet the Fockers.