With all the talk about the developments for the Captain America movie, we finally have some info regarding the DC Comics property, Captain Marvel. I know it sounds confusing with Marvel comics, not being the creators of Captain Marvel, but its true, he’s 100% DC.  Several attempts have been made to produce a film about this character, but plans always seemed to fall through, until now. According to Variety, Warner Brothers has a script, and has found someone to direct it, Peter Segal.

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Peter Segal’s directing credits include this years Get Smart, 2005′s The Longest Yard, and 2004′s 50 First Dates. He and his long time collaborator Michael Ewing, have just signed a 3 year deal with Warner Brothers Studios, and have several projects in the works, including the superhero flick.

As part of the deal, WB has also acquired the John August-scripted “Captain Marvel”; Segal will direct the DC Comics adaptation. He and Ewing began working on the film two years ago at New Line, but the property has moved over to WB. Pic tells the story of teenaged Billy Batson, who transforms into the superhero when he says the word “Shazam!”