Denzel Washington’s back, and he’s bringing a ’70′s star with him. Washington has signed on to play the lead in the Book of Eli. The film is about a man named Eli (Washington), and his journey as he travels across the country in the futuristic, post-apocalyptic West. His character is in search of a sacred book, that may have the answers to saving the world from its morbid state. According to THR, former That 70′s Show star, Mila Kunis who was last seen in Max Payne has landed a role in the film as well.

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Kunis plays a woman named Solara, at first enlisted to betray Eli, she ultimately joins him in his quest.

Also co-starring in Eli is Gary Oldman, who will play a character named Carnegie. The film is directed by the Hughes brothers, Allen and Albert. The last feature they directed was the 2001 Johnny Depp vehicle, From Hell. Eli is currently in pre-production, and is set for a 2010 release.