Today at a press conference for Australia, Hugh Jackman (aka People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Man of the Year”), talked about working with Director Gavin Hood on Wolverine. Although the film is based on the X-Men Sci-fi fantasy, Hugh says that the film will be focusing on the development of the character.

When asked about shooting the film, (now in post production), Jackman said:

It was fantastic, Gavin Hood is a great director, he has a strong understanding of the arcs and journeys of the characters.  These movies (the X-Men series), we’ve all found them interesting because of their attention to the characters and the story. And all the other stuff, all those powers, which are terrific, are not the heart of it. It’s themes and it’s characters and their struggles. Really that’s the heart of it. Really Gavin is terrific. I did miss Halle Berry though [laughs].

Well that sounds like good news! Hopefully they’ll be able to follow through with it. Wolverine is the most layered character from the recent X-Men movies and it makes sense that they branch out this franchise first. Coming off the success of the Dark Knight the market seems perfectly poised to eat up another “Dark” super hero movie.

What do you think?  Are you excited about the film or is the superhero thing past it’s prime?

The film is expected out in May 2009.

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